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Column Pipe
We are a well-known column Pipe manufacturer which is easily available with us in distinct shapes. Our column pipes are world widely praised for their high level of strength and performance. The colour used is Ivory white and have standard of 3 meters in length. Unibell™ column pipe can be installed at the depth of 370 m and have high ambient temperature of 70°C. Some salient features of our column pipes are:
  • Manufacture with high quality virgin PVC resin
  • Smooth internal surface gives tensile strength in considerable amount
  • Easy to install
  • Low installation and labour cost
  • No electrolytic deposition
  • Leak proof pipe
  • 25% higher discharge than G.I. pipes
  • Light weight in installation and transportation
  • Strong & resilient
  • Odorless and hygienic for portable water
  • Most suitable for use as submersible & jet pump for irrigation, domestic, industrial mining, chemical distribution.
  • A wise replacement for MS, GI, HDPE and Stainless steel column Pipes.
  • Suitable for use with movable pumping system.
  • Being inert towards corrosion & chemical reaction, PVC can be used in salty, sandy and chemically aggressive water without any effect over the years.