Wonder Cement [PPC]
Portland Pozzolana Cement is manufactured by intergrinding well-burnt OPC Clinker with 15 to 35 % Pozzolana and required percentage of Gypsum to the fineness of not less than 300 m2 /Kg.

Portland Pozzolana Cement is new generation cement. It contains high reactive Silica (HRS) to enhance ultimate performance of concrete. Pozzolana is essentially a siliceous material in finely divided form with the presence of water, that react with Calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperature liberated during the hydration of Portland Cement to produce stable, cementitious compounds. These compounds contribute to strength and water tightness of Cement and are specially suitable for Dams and mass construction like foundation.
  • Higher durability of concrete structure due to less permeability of water.
  • More resistance towards the attack of alkalies, sulphates, chlorides, chemicals.
  • Better workability.
  • Low heat of hydration.
  • Less Cracks.
  • More resistance towards leakages.
  • Due to more fineness, PPC have better cohesion with aggregates and make more dense concreteness.
  • Comparative lower Water-Cement ratio provides an added advantage for the further increase of compressive strength of the concrete.
  • Portland Pozzolona Cement has a lower specific gravity and therefore weight for weight produce a higher yield of concrete.
  • Better surface finish.
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